CH  Jimeny Zo Far Zo Good
Zoe wowed ém from the start -- winning her
first show over tough competition.  She is
now enjoying a life of leisure in her new
home and ventures out into the show ring on
occasion to strut her stuff.
                                      Magnifique de fin Renard
CH Charlen's Make Mine a Double (Chase)
                                    CH Charlen's Octopussy        
                                    CH Patorama Louis LÁmour
CH VanSan Jimeny Maggie May (Maisie)
                                    Cobblestone's Painted Lady
Leading the CHASE . . . 2003
CH  Jimeny Just Zonkers
Zonkers is a pretty boy from the
Maisie x Chase pairing.  He moved to a
new home in 2006, where he is helping
his new owners train for triathlon!  
Finally, an outlet for all that energy!