Information please:

We occasionally have puppies for carefully screened homes.  Be prepared for
personal questions.  We can also refer you to other reputable breeders who
may have puppies.  Dogs not going to show homes are placed under
spay/neuter contract with
AKC limited  registrations.

Older dogs?
We occasionally have young adult dogs available.  All of our dogs go
through basic obedience classes at some point after 4 months of age and are
socialized around other dogs and people.  Older dogs adjust very well to a
new, loving environment and are sometimes a much better match for
children or special-needs homes.

Where can I find more about the breed?
Check the Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America website at   Also see
About PBGVs.

Where can I find out more about purebred dogs, dog shows and trials?
Check the American Kennel Club website at

What vaccines should my dog have?
Check the AAHA 2006 protocol
AAHA 2006 Canine Vaccination Protocol

Where can I train my dog?
Quality, economical dog training can be found at all-breed and training
clubs all across the U.S.  Check the AKC website for clubs near you and/or
your local yellow pages. Some retail chain pet supply stores also offer
training, but I have no experience with them.  The most important part of
training is the relationship with YOU, so plan to take part.  You'll be
amazed at how much you learn!

General,training,medical, breeding:
Winning Solutions, 16080 W. Wildflower Dr., Surprise, AZ 85374-5063.
Tel: 1900 209-6694: Mobile: 623 556-7859

The Monks of Mt. Skeet books are fabulous for learning to live with your

A.K.C. Urges Pet Owners To Take Steps To Prevent Dog-Napping
May 19, 2008  As dognapping numbers continue to rise, the American
Kennel Club is urging owners to be on alert and take extra precautions to
keep their pooches safe.    "For the last year and a half, the American Kennel
Club has been tracking pet thefts across the nation and we have seen dozens
since the beginning of this year, versus just a handful last year in 2007,"
said Lisa Peterson of the A.K.C.    First, the A.K.C. encourages getting
your dog micro-chipped for identification.    "It's very easy to micro-chip
your pet," said Peterson. "The chip is about the size of a grain of rice.
You go to the veterinary office and the vet implants the chip right under
the skin at the shoulder blade. It's painless; it's like getting a yearly
shot. And then it's very easy to enroll for a fee to keep your dogs
information current in a recovery service."    The fee is a one-time $12.50
charge.    Aside from identification, pet owners need to be proactive.
A.K.C. urges owners to always keep your dog on a leash, and if you have a
backyard, bring the dog inside when you leave your home.    Never leave
your dog unattended.    "One of the trends we have noticed is that the recent
rash of pet thefts have come from cars in parking lots," explained Peterson.
"People go shopping, they bring their dog with them or they are traveling on
the road and they leave their animal in a locked car in the parking lot, and
unfortunately, when they come back, they see someone has targeted their car
and stolen their pet."    Experts also warn against tying your dog up
outside and leaving it alone. They say it's the easiest way to get your pet
stolen.    Also, experts say to watch out whom you talk to about your dog.
"Beware of people who come up to you and say, 'oh what kind of dog is that?
What breed? How much did you pay for that dog?" said Peterson. "Asking
questions that lead to what they think the monetary value of the dog might
be might be a red flag."    Experts say criminals often target purebreds
with the intention if selling them on the black market. Many also attempt to
seek ransom    If your dog is missing, Peterson says to take action
immediately. One of the first steps is to put up flyers with pictures of
your pet throughout the community. And, if your pet is micro-chipped, you
should contact the 24-hour recovery service at
<> .    For more pet safety tips, visit the American
Kennel Clubs website at <> ,
because being informed and alert is one way to tell would-be thieves they are
barking up the wrong tree.    - Jill Scott
Questionnaire for prospective owners