Meet JAKE!
Ch Oldwest Casanova is Jimeny's resident lover
Jake finished his championship in Franklin, TN, in 2008 with two 4-point
majors, going BOS over 3 dog specials.  Many thanks to old friend, Rob
Rein, for steering him to these back-to-back wins.

Jake is a blue roan English cocker who came to us from breeder Chris Dooley
of Santa Rosa,California.  He fits in with the PBGVs and brings the
sporting dog spirit to the household.

Jake's smooth, properly laid-back shoulders and beautiful head catch the eye
and his movement shows off his heritage...I knew I wanted one of her pups
when I saw his mother soar around a ring.  She was still gorgeous long into
her Veteran years.
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CH Shaemar's For Your Eyes Only   x   CH Kabree Oldwest Tan Talizing
At just 6 years of age, Jake was stricken with blastomycosis.  He survived, and, so far,
after three remissions, has no lasting damage.  So, he is one of the lucky ones.  Many
dogs lose eyes, testicles, limbs, and many, many, their lives.  This horrifying, frightening
fungal infection is breathed in by the dog (and by humans), from garden soil,
construction sites, hunting in damp woods. It often attacks young, active dogs, since
those are the dogs out hunting, sniffing in woods, etc.   It is extremely hard to diagnose
because the symptoms are so subtle and resemble so many other things until they have
taken hold and the animal is so very sick.  Jake was likely within days of dying when he
was finally diagnosed, and with great luck, a fabulous vet, and an incredibly solid
foundation, he made it through.  Please educate yourselves, and never ignore these

  • Unexplained, unusual bad breath that seems to come from "inside" not the mouth
    for an extended period of time.  This is not normal.  Find the cause.
  • Persistent cough that is not kennel cough, heart is clear.
  • Odd sores, that "erupt,"
  • There are frequently eye issues related to blasto.  I luckily have no experience
    with this.  
Sores can be tested by scraping.  It is not expensive to have a lab test for blasto.  For a
persistent cough, ask for a chest xray.  Blasto can look like spider webs in the lungs.  
Last but certainly not least, a definitive urine test (Mira Vista) can be run for about $125
that will tell whether it is blasto.  DO NOT use steroids on a dog with blasto.

There is an excellent blastomycosis group of FACEBOOK that can help with questions
and support.