Champion VanSan Jimeny Maggie May Hc
How to say goodbye, Maisie

Sadly, we lost
Maisie on August 2, months after
celebrating her 14th birthday.

She was healthy to the end, having a stroke the day
before, but doing well up to that point.
 She even
went to the hunt in Wisconsin in April,
for this we
can only be grateful.

Maisie had two litters -- the Chase and Blues litters.  
She produced pretty puppies that showed the best of
both parents, finishing easily in tough competition.  

Together with 2 puppies from her 2005 litter, she
captured 2d place in Brood Bitch at the PBGVCA
2006 National Specialty, while the puppies brought
home plenty of ribbons as souvenirs.

She was my first PBGV girl, we made many
memories together and she will be greatly missed.
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Bred by Sandy Ezersky and Pat Ramapuram
Still hunting at 13