CH Menlo-n-Jimeny Ace of Hearts

11/26/1994 to 3/21/2009
Bred by Sandy Ezersky and           
                             Charles Ingher
In March 2009 we said goodbye to Rudi,
our first PBGV. Rudi (referring to
Valentino, as his breeder called him)
was well-named.  He stole the hearts of
all who met him -- human or canine. He
was a great ambassador for the breed.  I
still miss having his head across my
feet on the bed at night.  

He  reached his 14th birthday in 2008.  
The portrait was taken the week of his
birthday.  I think he just used so much
heart, he wore it out. I am so grateful to
his heart doctor, Dr.Cecilia Marshall,
and  his GP, Dr. David Lashley for the
extra time we had due to their care.

Rudi finished his championship at 8
months handled by old friend, Leslie
Puppo, who now co-owns Stevie Ray and
CH Charlen Chouan Instant Replay x CH Charlen's  
News Flash
(The horrible voice is not Rudi's wonderful deep hound voice -- that's
Marley, the maniac, who does not have the typical PBGV voice.)
Rudi at his first show weekend at 6  months.  He won 2 of 3 days.