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About Us
last American cocker, Mickey.
We took our kennel name from our first dog, Jimeny
En Ami CD, an American cocker spaniel, who chose
Wendy in 1981 and set the standard that we continue
to strive for with each generation.  

After 14 years with cockers, we acquired our first
PBGV in 1995.  Rudi (CH Menlo-n-Jimeny Ace of
Hearts) took our hearts as Jimeny had so many years

In 2006 we filled the sporting dog gap as we brought
an English cocker spaniel home to share the spotlight,
dinner bowls and kisses with the PBGVs.

Then something completely different!  In 2011, Tasse,
a Great Pyrenees, joined the family.  She's starting
her show career and will also training toward
becoming a therapy dog, as her mother did before her.  
Tasse's co-breeder, Pat Ramapuram, was also Maisie's
co-breeder.  I remember Tasse's great grandmother
with my dear  friend, Sandy Ezersky, her other
breeder.  So the connections we make link us in so
many ways.

Over 25 years of action dogs -- the sporting cockers
and the nose-to-the-ground PBGV hounds haven't
dimmed our dedication to breeding happy, healthy
dogs who are true to their heritage.    We present them
here -- the past, the present, and the future.

Pete and Wendy Wieland Martin
Southern Illinois near St Louis
Affiliations through the years:

  • Mission Valley (CA) Cocker Spaniel Club
  • American Spaniel Club
  • Fremont (CA) Dog Training Club
  • Northern California Stewards Club
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of
  • Belle-City (IL) Kennel Club
  • English Cocker Spaniel Club of America
  • Owensboro (KY) River City Kennel Club

No endorsement by these organizations is implied.